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Sports & Health Nutrition is one of the fastest growing food & drink markets and shows no signs of slowing down. Dairy proteins offer athletes a complete protein with all 9 amino acids & high levels of the 3 branched chain amino acids, mandatory for an appropriate recovery after exercise.  


Dairy Proteins often come with unpleasant off-notes and this can put consumers off. These are often hidden by using huge amounts of flavouring. Smyths have developed a new system of masking the unpleasant bitterness.



Step One : Masking Agents - Mask the unpleasant protein notes.

Step Two : Sports Flavourings - Addition of traditional or unique flavours for your protein drinks.

Our Delisport range combines performance & great taste. By using our Delisport masking agents, in combination with our sport flavourings, we can offer a great tasting protein product without overloading with flavours or inhibiting performance.

Our specially developed sports flavours include:

Museli  --  Biscuit  --  Cookies & Cream  --  Lemon Tea

Peach Tea  --  Forest Fruits  --  Blueberry Yoghurt  --  Corn Flakes

Caramel  --  Cappuccino  --  Tiramisu  --  Banana

Orange  --  Apple  --  Lemon  --  Vanilla  --  Strawberry

Raspberry  --  Chocolate  & many more...

We can also create bespoke flavours for you and your products. 


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