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Flavours for

Savoury, Snacks + Ready Meals

Natural flavours for use in Crisps, Popcorn, Nuts, Biscuits & a wide range of Specialities


Our snack foods flavour profiles include

Cheese   Caramalised Onion  Peri - Peri   Popcorn  BBQ

Honey Roast   Garlic   Provencale Tomato  

Sweet Chilli  Chocolate 

Salted Caramel Hazelnut   Praline    Chicken   Shallot   Paprika  Basil    Beef   Black Pepper    Saffron 


Tequila Sunrise   Pina Colada  Mojito  Cosmopolitan  Acapulco 

Natural flavours for use in Ready Meals & a wide range of specialities


Our Ready Meal flavour profiles include


   Lemon   Lime   Mango   Wine   Port   Tomato   Olive   Pepper   Mushroom    Mint   Ginger   Carmalised Onion   Sundried Tomato Sweet Chilli  Peri-Peri  Vodka  Plum  Paprika  Thyme  BBQ  Chicken  Beef  Pork  Lamb  Duck  Garlic 

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