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Smyths have developed a superb range of shelf life products designed to keep your processed meats fresh and delicious for longer. 

Developed for use in sausages, burgers & cooked meats, our shelf life improvers are based on the sodium salt of natural L-Lactic acid, produced from the fermentation of sugar, giving a neutral pH. Superb anti microbial properties are further enhanced by colour, bloom & shelf life retention coupled with weight loss reduction. 

Avoid dark rings in your burgers   /   Retain bloom in your sausages   /   Increase the shelf life to reduce waste


Extended Shelf Life For Cooked Meat Products




Available in 6 Kg Drums

Usage Rate: 1-2 %




1. Prepare meat and other ingredients as normal

2. Pour SL fluid directly onto desired meat or in to brine and mix well

3. Add any additional seasoning, water or ingredients

4. Complete food preparation as normal

Get in touch now to request a free SL Fluid sample and product guide. 

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