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Seasonings + Mixes

Smyths offer an extensive list of seasonings and ingredients built over generations in the industry dealing with the finest producers. Our extended range includes sausage seasonings, burger mixes, unique blends and flavour/spice packs.

Classic Sausage Seasonings

Our supreme range of sausage seasonings is designed to give you quality and flexibility.Tasty, quality seasonings that sell. 


Premium Pork

Irish Pork 

Retail Pork

Pork & Apple 



Pork & Leek 

Sweet Chilli 

Piri Piri 

Moroccan Spices 

Lamb & Mint 

Chicken Sausage 

Premium Burger Mixes 

Our burger mixes can be combined with herbs and spices, coatings and extra flavours to build a fantastic offering for your customers. 


Premium Beefy Burger Mix

Catering Burger Patty Mix

Gluten Free Burger Mix

E free Natural Burger Mix

Addition Flavours  


Vintage Smoke Flavoured 

Old English Herbs

Smokey Texan 

Rich Curry 

Canadian Maple



We are able to create custom flavours/blends for you to use in your sausage ranges. Get in touch for more information.