Based on Buffered Vinegar, this Natural, Clean Label Shelf-Life Fluid will offer you a supberb antimicrobial improvement on all fresh meat Sausage, Burgers and Cooked Meat products - significantly increasing shelf life, bloom & colour retention. Simple to add to existing recipes and available in convenient 9kg drums for storage.


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SKU: SM404
  • Simply add the natural clean label shelf life fluid by pouring directly on to minced meat when producing Sausage or Burgers - Can be added into existing recipes to immediately increase shelf life. 

    Usage rate for Sausage & Burgers -  2-3% (250g per 10kg mix) 

    For addition to cooked meats - Chicken, Turkey, Beef or Hams, please speak to us directly regarding addition rates to your brine. 

  • Spirit Vinegar (Declared as Buffered Vinegar or Flavouring)

    Allergens: None