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Our Award winning range of Seasoning Blends available for retail now. Check out the range...

We are specialist providers of compounds for dry and injection curing. Our HAMEX brand of cures and functional ingredients can enhance your raw and fresh meat products. 

Designed to make your products work to their best.

Whether you need binding agents or shelf life extenders, know that our high quality, technical ingredients will give you the edge

Smyths are a UK specialist manufacturer of Natural Smoke Flavours


For use in:

Cooked Meats & Bacon

Sausage & Burgers

Ready Meals

Snack Foods


Seasonings, Rubs & Marinades

Beechwood, Hickorywood, Applewood, Oakwood, Cherrywood, Maplewood

Smyths are a UK specialist manufacturer of Natural Savoury Flavours


For use in:

Ready Meals & Pasta

Sausage & Burgers

Snack Foods

Sauces & Relishes

Plant Based Dishes

Rubs & Marinades

Crisps, Nuts & Pretzels

Garlic & Herb, Roasted Onion, Chargrill Chicken, Sundried Tomato, Black Truffle, Jalapeno, Red Pepper, Pickled Gherkin

Clean up your ingredient declarations and offer your customers amazing preservation without the E numbers. We can offer clean shelf life solutions for any processed meat products.

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