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Dry Curing

Smyths have been manufacturing HAMEX Dry Cures for three generations.


This knowledge and experience has led to a brand leading range of rub on Dry Cures, producing the finest quality bacon, gammon & ham. We have perfected the recipes over the years and our experience means we can make the curing process simple, efficient and profitable.




This cure has a subtle sweetness and a beautiful finish to it.

Simply the best dry cure product used throughout the UK meat industry.


A new cure with a smoked savoury blend, perfect for something a little different.

All of our dry cures produce beautiful pink colouring and exquisite flavour every time. Easy to produce all kinds of cured products and even mix with our bacon coaters to create a unique range of flavours for your customers. We believe this is how real bacon should taste. Simply the best curing products used throughout the UK meat industry.


Available in: 10 Kg Pails, 25 Kg Boxes

Usage Rate: 4 - 5 %

Curing Time: 5-7 days bacon / 14 days gammon


1. Rub Dry Cure Directly onto Pork – Spread Evenly over Back, Middle or Leg.

2. Vacuum Pack and refrigerate for approx 5 -7 Days (Bacon) or 14 Days for Gammons.

3. Turn Vacuum Bag over twice during Curing Time.

4. Remove from Vacuum Bag and prepare for sale as normal.


Get in touch now to request a free dry cure sample kit and product guide