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Flavours for


Natural flavours for use in sweets, chocolate, marshmallow, nougat, fudge & a wide range of specialities


Our confectionery flavour profiles include

Plum  Peach  Nougat  Elderflower  Coconut  Raspberry  Strawberry  Watermelon

   Lemon  Cherry  Blueberry  Toffee Apple

 Passionfruit  Chocolate  Salted Caramel

        Blacurrant & Liquorice  Latte  Mocha  Mango  Banana  Vanilla White Chocolate   Bubblegum

Chocolate Orange    Popcorn  Pistachio   Champagne  Wine 

 Tequila Sunrise   Pina Colada  Mojito  Cosmopolitan  Acapulco 

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